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Happy matched couple - this could be you! Signup today!

How it works>>

It starts with you setting up a basic profile and uploading your photo.


JSN is a match-making service and not a "dating site". There is a difference! That means real people, not automated machines, will pick your matches and share them directly with you. Your profile information is what we use in that process to generate matches for you.


We will then share the matches with you, based on your QL (quest-list or matching preference). The number of matches we share with you depend on the plan you sign up for.


Our service team carries out tailor-made and customized screening & searches specifically for you, based on your individual lifestyle, long-term goals, and dating requirements


We present to you a  guaranteed number of tailor-matched introductions. You then make the choice whether to proceed with any match introduced to you, or to skip and request for a new match.


You don't have to put yourself out there to find someone! We understand that this is sometimes uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Let JSN do it for you!


We follow up with your dates, on your behalf, to provide invaluable feedback and recommendations after the introduction.


Once you sign up, we start scanning the universe for potentially compatible matches from our exclusive "match-pool" and send you the results as soon as we find them.

Do you have questions? Send us a message here and someone will l get back to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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